Welcome to 3C RGH Startup & Scale-Up.

Your Specialist Providers.

Supporting International Clientele in the Fulfilment of  Startup & Scale-Up Roles.

Every business entity has a requirement for support services and 3C RGH Startup & Scale-up team have been providing solutions across multiple sectors for over 20 years.

We combine a consultative approach with rigorous selection. All 3C RGH candidates are fully vetted and undertake multiple interviews to understand their career, location and pay aspirations. This ensures clients only engage with eager and committed candidates that will help support and grow their business.

Our strong communications with clientele is an essential part of our delivery process, enabling us to understand not only the function of a requirement but also the idiosyncrasies of a department, team or environment that a candidate is to be hired for. We work in partnership with our clients, conducting an agreed combination of meetings and communications on a regular basis. 3C RGH Startup & Scale-up team work to a set of internal Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) backed up with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to manage and monitor our delivery and client commitment to the process; improving the accuracy, speed of fulfilment and overall service.


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