Profit for good – Sustainability and Social


In February 2022 we contributed to the planting 6,000 trees of a 50,000 tree forest being planted through and  Since 2005, Eden Reforestation Projects has worked to alleviate extreme poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America by paying people to produce and protect hundreds of millions of trees in deforested areas. With new operations in the Philippines, Brazil, and Ethiopia, expanding its reach to 11 countries, Eden is on track to add more than 350 million trees in 2021 and provide jobs to more than 20 thousand people. Below you can see the difference a contribution makes.

3C RGH are passionate about making the world a better place. 100% of our contributions made to B1G1 go to the intended projects we support and make a real impact.

“How wonderful it is that you give so much commitment, energy and funds back to worthy causes through B1G1 – that in itself is huge in the way you involve your team and your customers in the giving. But what really sets you apart is the way in which you encourage so many other businesses to step up in this way. You are an amazing ambassador for giving. You really do get that together we make a difference. And you don’t just talk about it, you do it; every second, every day and in every way”P.Dunn (Chairman BIGI)